Live interview Excerpt WXXI-TV New York


(INTRO) "The Calloway family has been dazzling audiences' with their authentic big band sounds for almost 100 years. Assignment the World had a chance to speak with Calloway Brooks, who now swings the baton for the legendary Cab Calloway Orchestra." (:18)

(CALLOWAY BROOKS) "This is really the greatest (I feel) American music that occurred during the last century. During the period of the 1900's this was the music that really got America to begin starting to play its own music and it was the kind of music that was broadcast for the first time all over the world.

It was put together by a lot of different kinds of people-people from Europe, people from Africa, there are Native American influences, Latin American influences and people from all sorts of different cultures came together to create this great music that we call Swing Music.

The Calloway family has been involved with music ever since the 1920's if you can imagine that--my granddad was the most famous of the Calloways his name was Cab Calloway, He had a fantastic career that spanned decades and decades.

He started back in New York, went to a place called the Cotton Club, he led one of the greatest big bands in history and a lot of the musicians in the orchestra today, played with my Granddad way back when.

One of the things the Cab Calloway Orchestra brings to Jazz is we bring the fun side of Jazz out, and when you come to a concert like this you get to hear what a lot of different instruments are like. You hear some saxophones, some trumpets, some guitar playing, some piano playing some bass playing--I try to feature all the musicians in the band during the course of a show, and so as a result I think it really helps to enrich the experience for everybody. "