Here's where you can download high ( at least 300 Dots Per Inch) resolution photos.

Just click on the following thumbnail (low resolution) preview images below to link to publication quality photos.  The high resolution photo you select on this screen will then slowly load to your screen.

If you like the loaded high resolution photo and want to save it or print it, then right click on it  and select "Save Picture As" or "Print Picture", and click your "OK" button and the displayed photo will be downloaded or printed to the default location your computer.  These are all JPEG files.  If you have any questions please e-mail

  The web site banner Cab Calloway Orchestra Live in Rochester, NY (1849KB)

  The Cab Calloway Orchestra Live at the Waldorf Hotel, NY (2669KB)

  C. Calloway Brooks Mirrored Headshot (1979KB)

  C. Calloway Brooks Reclining Stance (722KB)


  C. Calloway Brooks Zoot Suit Stance (1482KB)

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