"And then there's my Grandson:  He's certainly got the music together, there's just no question about it.  "   --Cab Calloway

“Brooks left the audience convinced”  —Bob Blumenthal,

Downbeat Magazine

“Almost upstaged his grandfather on two meanly picked blues”  —W. Royal Stokes,

The Washington Post

“The mission of the orchestra springs from the inspiration of the art, and this is as it should be. And the enterprise appears to be in good hands with C.C. Brooks at the helm.”


“While Brooks may dress like his grandfather and play his tunes, their voices sound nothing alike, and Brooks - a talented singer and guitarist in his own right - doesn't try to imitate Calloway. …he's a serious musician himself, not simply the heir to the Calloway throne.”

Boston Globe 

“A Calloway performance ignites audience participation”

 South Bend Tribune

“Expect high style, high-stepping, good humor and deep theatricality when the Cab Calloway Orchestra plays the Palace Theatre today. Even though its creator died nearly nine years ago, the orchestra is determined to keep the legacy of the big-band swing era so alive and kicking that it's more swing than legacy.”

 Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Brooks proves through his stage presence that he has earned the right to lead his grandfather’s orchestra. Music is in his blood.”

Vermont Herald

"Calloway Brooks is one of the nicest guys I've ever met in 40 years in the music business"     --Andy Kaufmann


 " He is so smart, it makes your head spin." --Cab Calloway

“Make sure you catch Calloway Brooks! He’s got the moves, the voice, and the suit. He put on a great show!  Granddad would have been proud!”  —–Chris Valenti,

WHPC-FM , New York

“Brooks maintained his brilliant level of performance to the end”  —Ernie Santosuoso,

The Boston Globe

"If you are going to do my music, I'd appreciate it if you put my name in there somewhere"  --Cab Calloway

"I am so glad you're doing this, I haven't had this feeing for years!" --Gary Valente